Making Fun Memories with Your Kids

Making Fun Memories with Your Kids

Stocking Stuffers That You Can Buy At Your Hardware Store

Jayden Arnold

If you have a loved one who enjoys do-it-yourself projects, crafts, and hobbies around the home, it can be a good idea to visit your local hardware store when you're shopping for them before Christmas. This retailer will carry all sorts of products that you can buy as gifts, including power tools. Don't overlook the value of buying a handful of small stocking stuffers at the hardware store, too. Instead of filling your family member's stocking with sweets and cheap items from the local $1 store, a handful of things from the hardware store will offer value in the months and years ahead. Here are some effective stocking stuffer gift ideas that you can buy at this retailer.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are a handy gift for people who have a selection of power tools. It's ideal to store these tools in a tidy manner, and cable ties can help to achieve this goal. You can buy all sorts of cable ties at any hardware store, but those that feature hook and loop fasteners are popular. This design will allow your family member to quickly coil up the cable of a power tool and wrap a cable tie around it to keep it looking orderly. You can often buy packages that have multiple cable ties of various lengths in them.

Mini Clamps

Hardware stores also sell selections of mini clamps that can be handy in all sorts of projects and hobbies around the home. These clamps can vary in size and are generally designed so that someone can operate them with just one hand — which is ideal because the person may have to use their other hand to hold whatever they wish to clamp. A popular way to use a mini clamp is to hold two things together after applying glue. The pressure from the clamp will ensure that the glue adheres properly. You can typically buy mini clamps individually or in packages that have multiple clamps.

Battery Pack

A lot of power tools run on special rechargeable battery packs. When someone buys a specific power tool, it will often come with one battery pack, but having a second one can be handy. These battery packs vary in size but are often small enough to tuck into a Christmas stocking. A second pack will make it easier for your family member to work on projects without interruption. Namely, when their primary battery pack for a specific power tool dies, they can simply replace it with their new pack with the first one charges.


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