Making Fun Memories with Your Kids

Making Fun Memories with Your Kids

How To Use A Nautical Theme To Decorate Your Home For The Summer

Jayden Arnold

Many families enjoy decorating their home for the summer season. A nautical theme that uses the maritime signal flag system is a popular choice. International maritime signal flags use a variety of flags to communicate with ships. This flag system uses codes from the International Code of Signals (ICS). These codes and signals are part of a system used to notify ships about navigation safety and other important matters.

It is easy to incorporate this theme because of the colorful flags with symbols, numbers and letters used to send messages. Read on to find out how to a nautical theme to decorate your home for the summer.

Reflect The Season

Some families are always decorating their home to reflect the season or the holidays. The nautical theme is a popular choice for summer because it gives your home a coastal chic look. It common to see boats and anchor motifs when using this theme. The nautical theme also use a classic red, white and blue palette.

How To Incorporate The Theme

The first step to incorporating the nautical theme is by decorating the entryways of your home. You can welcome guests to your home with a custom maritime signal flag name board from a company like Say It With Glass. The sign can be made with distressed wood with your name or a phrase. Nautical signal flags are used to spell out the phrase or name. You can put this name board at the front entrance of your patio.

Give Your Home That Beach Feeling

Most people enjoy going to the beach especially during the summer. If you do not stay near the beach, then you cannot always go as much as you want. However, you can create a beach feel in your home with accessories.

You can put a linen slip cover on your sofa and finish it off with sail themed pillows. To symbolize sunny days on the high seas, you can get an inexpensive striped handbag in blue or red and anchor a vintage rhinestone brooch on the front of it.

The summer months are filled with backyard barbecues and doing a lot of activities outside. People spend more time outside because the weather is nice. Some people like to capture the spirit of the season by decorating their homes in certain themes. To decorate, you do not have to go overboard or cover your entire house with the theme. It is about keeping it simple and adding small accessories.


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